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Government of Pakistan
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Ministry of Finance
Board of Investment
Pakistan Stock Exchange
State Bank of Pakistan
Board of Investment
NCCPL - National Clearing Company of Pakistan
CDC - Central Depository Company of Pakistan
PMEX - Pakistan Mercantile Exchange


Currently there is no media associated with DATTOO SECURITIES (PVT) LTD.


DATTOO SECURITIES (PVT) LTD conducts generates investment ideas based on research, pricing anomalies and other market opportunities. Our research is not printed nor published rather shared with our clients verbally or in person.


What should I know before opening an account?

Read our KYC and CDD procedure to see if you would qualify for an account with us. We reserve the right to open accounts for select clients only.

How do I open an account?

Contact us regarding prequalification for account opening with us.
Fill out the form available through our website or office.
Read, understand and accept our Terms and Conditions before signing an application form.
Submit the form with all accompanying documents.

What do I do incase of any change or my particulars?

It is your responsibility to inform us in writing if any of the information provided by you in the account opening form has changed. We will then advise you of next steps to be taken by you.

How can I place my orders?

Orders can be placed in person at our office or by phone.

How much does it cost to buy and sell shares?

Our current commission structure is provided with the Account Application.

Are there any monthly fees on my accounts?

At present there are no such charges. However we reserve the right to charge for custody and other charges as may be necessary.

How can I collect dividends on my shares?

Stock dividends (bonus shares): The issuing company will credit your Investor Account/Sub-Account with the CDS by the number of shares you are entitled to.

Cash dividends: The issuing company will dispatch the dividend warrant directly to your mailing address provided in the CDS Investor Account/Sub-Account opening form. Alternatively, if you have an arrangement with a bank providing custodial services, you can also give a mandate to that custodial bank to collect dividends on your behalf. You will need to complete the relevant sections of the Account Opening Form for Sub-Account in CDS for this purpose.

How do I apply for Right shares?

If you are eligible for right shares, the company/registrar will mail you a Right allotment letter at the mailing address indicated by you. You will then be required to deposit the Right allotment letter at your Bank. The Bank will debit the amount against the subscription of the right shares from the bank account.

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